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10 ways to make your shop management system pay for itself, and then some.... 

17.06.19 08:51 PM By Keeshan Sayroo

How to get your business management system for FREE!


Yes, paying a monthly subscription to your invoicing and customer management system provider has become a necessity. However, here are some ways to make it pay for itself and generate thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for your business. 


  1. Keep track of your customers! How many times does your customer visit your repair facility? Do you have a system in place to remind them of services needed? The average vehicle owner should bring their vehicle to a repair facility 4 times a year. Yes seasonally, sometimes we are lucky if we see that vehicle 3 times a year. Are you, your customers go to facility for something as simple as air in their tire or as important as a timing belt and water pump?

  1. Knowing the vehicle and your client. If you did not have to write or obtain customer data or vehicle information every time a customer came in, wouldn't it save both your customer and yourself time and frustration. That time could equate to up to, if not more than 1 hour a day, chasing information. What's your labor rate and how many days are you open in a month? That sure is a lot of revenue lost, isn't it?

  2. How much time do you spend waiting for part pricing and availability on the phone, or how much time does it take to write or type those part details down? Having 1 click access to practically all of your vendors; parts, availability, and price can save hours on end in a day. Having access to order with 1 more click really gives you the A1 Advantage!

  3. Do you keep track of your customer, vehicle history? Records are a necessity however if it is sitting in a file cabinet its building dust until you need it one day and can't seem to find it as quickly as you would like. Automated service reminders take your history to the next level. Rather than hoping that a customer makes the time to come back to you for up sells, why not set a system in place that will send your customer a reminder to come back to your repair facility. If you never ask, you may never receive. If you do not remind your customer, their negligence is your demise. This equates to revenue left on the table and a customer that is no longer satisfied with you (as ridiculous as that may seem).

  4. Parts vendors may not always be accurate with thier billing. Can you truly trust every invoice? What system do you have in place to verify that you are credited on parts returns, core credits and warranty claims? Running reports and keeping records will help pick up the minor discrepancies. Pennies add up!

  5. Do you find it easy to receive a text message? Well your customers do as well. Being able to send a quick message to a customer and get a jiffy response can help get cars on or off a lift, and in and out of a shop. The ability to track messages and save them in a management system for legal authorization is priceless. 

  6. Sending digital vehicle inspections equals yes, yes, yes! You may have long term customers that trust you and absolutely love doing business with you; that doesn't mean they will say yes to everything. We learned in life that seeing is believing and when you can take a picture of a customer's actual vehicle, send your client a personalized health check, review that health check and show the importance of a replacing a failed component, the answer 98.8% of the time is YES!

  7. You may have a drop box, or have heard of shop owners using one. What if your customers can pay you remotely, before they even pick their vehicle up? One of the biggest risks you can incur is letting a customer take their vehicle without paying in advance. Make it simple and convenient and you can pick up business that you never knew existed!

  8. Scheduling your tasks. Did you know that each of your technicians should be booked for a minimum of 5 hours a day and 7 hours max? Why? they need time for up sell. When using a binder calendar on paper, it is not designed for your shop environment. Utilize our online scheduler that will allow you to keep track of both your appointments and shop resources, thus maximizing your daily profits. 

  9. Knowing your numbers will give you the opportunity to analyze and track your most and least profitable products. Yes, you sell a product, each individualized service that you provide is a product. Build your business through automated Intelligence. That's the wave of the future, be a part of it. 


Utilizing the worlds most innovated shop management system is just the thing you need. If you found just 1 area of this article that needs improvement in your business then even our top tier plan is the one for you! talk about a life changing application... Call us 518-836-5400. We have 2 bay repair facilities grossing 7 figures a year. Let us assist you in doing the same.



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