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Mitchell 1 is for Diagnostic Technicians, the competitor is for parts changers... 

03.06.19 05:31 PM By Keeshan Sayroo

Repair Information for the professionals.

In the Automotive and Truck Diagnostic world, repair info is a necessity. Having the best resources is the key to a successful repair. As a technician in the industry for over 15 years, I have had the opportunity to work with many different repair resources. That ability has led me to 1 conclusion. Mitchell 1's Prodemand is the best in the industry only if you would like to get a vehicle fixed the right way, the first time. 


When a patient goes to a doctor, the doctor has to have the knowledge base to diagnose their client. A misdiagnosis or incorrect treatment can lead to a possible fatality. In the automotive industry as Technicians/ Shop Owners or Service Advisors, people sometimes take it for granted that we face the same situation. Although a doctor can cause 1 death; in the repair industry it can cause multiple. Literally, an accident can result in a fatality that the repair facility is held liable for. More stringent than a doctor in most cases. Analogically the other fatality can be your loss of a customer, and multiple negative reviews to follow which can cripple any business. 


We live in a more social environment than ever before. People may not interact face to face, however they interact even more online than you could ever do in a 1 on 1 conversation. That interaction can reflect both negative and positive on your business. It is not something to worry about, it is the present, so embrace it! That is why Mitchell 1 has embraced our times and not only gives Technicians access to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) Published information, but to a network of other technicians and specialists in the industry. There is a feature called SureTrack Community that gives access to other people in the industry who are willing to help, throughout North America. Have you ever wondered if anyone else has seen the issues that you face in a day at the repair facility? A resource such as Suretrack can save hours in a day, which can add up to doubling efficiency and profitability in a week or month. 


Mitchell 1 has been the pioneer in the industry for repair manuals. From the first to business to expandable hardcovers. Floppy disc's to DVD's and now offered as a SAAS program online. There has always been access for the leading edge, technologically advanced technician. Wiring diagrams are an electrical problems kryptonite. With Prodemand in a skilled technicians arsenal, any electrical concern can be traced, diagnosed and repaired accurately.


When I am diagnosing an issue of any electrical, electronic, or, electro-magnetic part I always reference a wiring diagram. Since every vehicle manufacturer has a different ideology in design, it is tough to suggest that any circuit is simple. Diagnosis becomes simple when you have the correct diagram as well as an easy to read view. in Prodemand all the wiring diagrams are redesigned and verified. They are labeled with pin numbers, wire colors and component location. Which helps technicians understand what they are looking at since wiring symbols would normally vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Unfortunately there are still Mechanics in our industry that cannot read or understand a wiring diagram or an electrical concern. Prodemand offers step by step trouble tree diagnostic information for specific codes or components. Sure you can buy a manufacturers repair manual and read it page for page, but this product will make every aspect searchable and easy to access, unlike their competitors. 


OEM Info direct, and then some is what will set you apart in this industry. If you don't already have Mitchell 1 as a base product to work with, you have already fallen behind the times. There are tons of cool features in the product that you have to see to believe. All of the competitors will only show you specific vehicles of their choice as a demo. If you truly want a demo of any vehicle, Feel free to call me, 518-836-5400. There's nothing to hide, that's how confident I am of this product. If i wasn't that confident i wouldn't be where I am today. You should be just as confident as I am if you want to run a successful repair facility. 


We have been so successful with Mitchell 1 in the field that we put our reputation on the line every day by offering it is a direct distributor. Mitchell 1's repair information is the best you can get and we take pride in our research and product line to offer such a product to you. Where else will you get a real technician from the field that will come to your repair facility or talk to you on the phone, have a video chat or screen share, or provide background research at your request. We are here because we understand your day to day needs. As an Automotive Business Consultant, Technician, Business owner I can guarantee that if you apply the use of Prodemand, your day to day business will be easier, your clients will be happier, and profitability increase. 

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