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Want faster authorization, customer call backs and customers that love you!

Create templates to save time and typographic errors.

Canned text messages can be created to save you time. These messages can automatically integrate your customer name, vehicle infomation and much more without having to type them in each time you would like to know that their vehicle is ready or there is a recommendation. Any notification you can think of can be set as a canned message. 

Will My Shop have its Own Dedicated Text/ SMS Number?

Yes, You will have your own unique dedicated phone number with a local area code! Customers can message you at that number at anytime and you will receive them as pop-up notifications on your desktop.

What If the customer does not want to receive text Messages?

99% of customer prefer text based on local case studies, however yes, you can let a customer opt- out of messages.

Is This a Third Party Application Like Propack?

No, this was created by our in-house engineers at Mitchell 1/ Snap-On and it is integrated directly into your management system.

Are these messages saved for legal purposes?

Yes, all text messages are logged by your customers information, and saved forever in your database. Legal authorization can be acquired via text message.

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