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Shop Management

Keep track of your customer, vehicle, and parts data. Utilize efficient parts ordering and labor estimating features as well as manage and view reports on any aspect of your business.

Mitchell 1 Repair Information

Mitchell 1 is the leader of the automotive repair manual industry! From being a pioneer to a continuous innovator Mitchell 1 is the # 1 choice for the most intellectual technicians.  

Mitchell 1 TruckSeries

The truck repair industry has advanced rapidly, truck repair resources are a necessity in this up and coming industry. Mitchell 1 has the years of expertise and complete library of truck repair info.

Social CRM

Marketing to your customers can make you or break you. Mitchell 1's proven marketing techniques keep your customers abreast of their needs without aggravation for you or your client! 

The #1 Automotive Business Management System in the Industry!

Shop Management

Manager SE

The business management essentials for R.O's, Invoicing and Parts tracking.

Message Center

Customer texting that keeps your bays efficient!


The mobile greeter app that converts plates to V.I.N.'s and creates digital Multi-point Checklists for your clients quick approval

CVG Manager

A business management system designed for Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks. 


An automation suite that drives customers back for more service on Que!

Mobile Manager

A intuitive Digital Inspection platform that automates your Multi-point Inspections and provides a platform for your clients to see their vehicles health status. 



The pioneer of automotive repair information. From Reed books to a Snap-On Company, Prodemand is the most innovative repair product available to you. 

Repair Information (Light Duty)


Essential OE Repair information with our Suretrack Resource and Labor Estimating

Labor Estimator

Vehicle labor Times Only.


Truck Diagnostic Information & Management Systems

Truck Series

Truckworks Plus™

Class 4-8 Repair Information w/ our renowned Repair Connect™ that gives you access to trouble code diagnostics with ease. 

Techseries Plus SE™

Class 1-7 Repair Information W/ Automotive (class 1-3) Labor Guide And Repair Connect™ With Manager SE Truck.

Truckseries Plus™ 

CLass 4-8 Repair Information w/ Repair Connect™ and Truck Labor

Truckseries Plus SE™ 

Class 4-8 Repair, Repair Connect™, Truck Labor and CVG Manager SE™. 

Techworks Plus

Includes CVG Manager and Auto Labor Guide with Prodemand (Class 1-7)

Truck Labor Plus

Want Only Truck Labor?


A Real Marketing Solution

The repair industry has a special way of doing business, mass marketing does not work, that's like throwing a stone with no name on it and hoping the person that finds it returns it back to you. we are sure that if you have done marketing before, that is what it feels like you did with your money, Find out why we are different, and its not just because we specialize in automotive repair! 

Social CRM

Social CRM 

Reminders are the key to your success. Social CRM keeps your customers in touch with thier own needs by reminding them that you are there for them.

Google AdWords

Sometimes paying to play is the fastest way to succes. We are a Google Partner...

Local Search

Local Search Provdes a Website and Keyword optimization to get you to the top of the search list organically. You are the best, we put you in a position to shine.

E-mail Add On

Use Professional Emal Adresses Ex: Info@yourdomain.com



Teamworks SE

Mitchell 1 repair information and shop managment system bundled as 1 powerhouse of a package. Prodemand W/ Manager SE

Teamworks SE W Texting And Tablets

Bundle Mitchell 1 Prodemand, Manager SE, Message Center, and Prospect for a full prductivity suite!


Truckseries Plus SE with Prodemand

Full coverage from Class 1 - Class 8 Vehicle with Manager SE.


Teamworks SE W/ Texting

Mitchell 1 Repair Information, Shop Management system with 2 way texting! The best way to stay in touch with your customers.

Social CRM W/ Local Search and Google Adwords

The best marketing bundle in existance for the automotive industry with the power of a google partner.

Social CRM W/ Teamworks and Message Center

Management, Repair, and Customer Relationship Management, all wrapped up in one package.


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  • You get the best local support! This is not offered with any other company in the automotive repair industry. 

  • We are the only direct Mitchell 1 distributors in the north east region of New York.

  • We offer the best pricing available in the U.S. and Canada!

  • Our Additional Promotions are second to none!

  • We Provide Onsite training with Mitchell 1 Products and remote assistance on call. 

  • When you buy from the best you have the ability to be the best, Our knowledge base is industry specific!

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Stay ahead of the curve.

Although Mitchell 1 Product Content support and technical support is free of charge to you. Here at Kiloism Enterprise We offer additional services to keep you ahead of the game.

Beyond Tech Support.

Your business needs network management, business internet and WiFi and a way to configure and support it. Your software company usually says call your I.T. personnel. Well that's us!

Want to buy online?

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Mitchell 1 Prodemand Certification. 

Our products are beneficial, only if you know how to utilize them. We have training videos and quizzes that will help you maximize your usage. 

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Beyond Mitchell 1 - Tech Support/ Device Management/ Antivirus and More!

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Online Training Course

Do you manage an automotive repair facility? Are you a Service Advisor, Business Owner or Technician. We have online courses to aid in your success at this business, utlizing Mitchell 1.

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