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Mobile Tablet Digital Vehicle Inspections and Customer Check-in Application.

Greet Your Customers And Get to Work.
Prospect Offers fully wireless functionality and Seamless Integration with Manager SE. So You can Proactively Greet Your customers and start addressing their vehicle concern
s before the step inside to the front counter.

Quickly ID's Vehicle Using VIN Decode or Plate-to-VIN Lookup Start Manager SE Estimates from your mobile device. Apply Manager Se Canned Jobs to address vehicle issues found.

Customize Multi-point Inspections- Even Tires Document vehicle Inspection findings with photos and tech notes.

Consistent Inspections

With customizable multi-point inspection templates, tailor inspection details to consistently reflect your business guidelines every time they are applied.

Saved Time = Increased Revenue & Sales

Use your tablet/ phone camera to snap a photo of a license plate to quickly confirm vehicle- specific data (make, model, trim, engine, etc.) and record it to Manager SE with the press of a button.

Smart Use of Technology

Access key Manager SE Features at the vehicle to eliminate trips back and forth between the vehicle and the printer. You will save on paper and printing costs as well.

Enhance Customer Confidence

Demonstrate your professionalism with multi-point inspection and make a positive first impression on your customers - you also get faster approval of additional work needed.

Work at the Vehicle

Greet customers, start estimates, perform inspections, add jobs, even view WIP/ appointments — all quickly from the vehicle.

Share Inspections With Your Customers

With the addition of Message Center, You can send your customers digital vehicle inspections via text message!

The Portable Manager SE Solution!
Scan VIN's, Snap photos, start an Estimate, Complete Digital Multi Point Inspections. 
All From a Tablet or phone!

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